Hello Parkside family,


It's been quite a month, or three. Has it been boring? Sure. Do we miss Chip, and everyone else, too? Without a doubt. Have we gotten house projects done that we never wanted to do, but we guess they're done now, so no use complaining? Mm-hmm. 


That being said, it's time. It's time to start slowly and carefully making sandwiches. And pouring growlers, and portioning tasty soups, and ladling meat sauce on delectable handmade hot dogs. It's time for pickled jalapenos on pulled pork, and it's time for an old school bologna sandwich. And we're here to make that happen safely. So, here's our proposal: 


We'll open our takeout window Wed-Sun starting 4/29. We'll take every precaution to get you the mac you know you missed. We'll make sure you enjoy a meatball sub, and while you wait for that crispy bun we'll thank you for keeping your distance from other folks waiting to enjoy their meatballs. Joel can yell pretty loud; you'll know when it's ready. Besides showing up and saying hello from a reasonable distance (minimum 6 feet, folks), you can come down and get a bottle of wine with a side and an entree to eat at home. Or grab some sandwiches to eat on the grass in the park. Or just come down and relate to us the most delicious meal you made in the last thirty days. Don't try to beat out Joel, though, because we bet he's made some pretty wild quarantine meals. 


We'll wait to open our dining room again until it's safe to sit next to one another and be with the people that provide us with the community we crave. But we're excited to at least see your faces again, even if it's across the sidewalk, and even if it's one at a time. Bring your appetite.